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my dog humping me
Celebrity 3/24/2015
A friend of mine needed to know how I tie a certain basic knot. I had a hard time explaining it so I made a video. Enjoy!!!
a black dog named heidi starts humping a little 14 year old girl named kyanne(my friend) while pretending to be a dog...! lol... its a true story...!! =]
Celebrity 12/13/2014
Many couples will tie the knot Saturday in honor of its unique date, 12-13-14. We won't see another sequential date like this until 2034. NBC's Rehema Ellis has the story.
I want to tell you humans all my stories from my many dog years... but it's hard to work this computer with my nose, BOL (bark out loud)
Viral 3/22/2015
Harbhajan Singh And Geeta Basra To Tie The Knot - Bollywood Latest News .
How can I resist to him? :)
Viral 3/21/2015
The Knot kicks it up a notch
see for yourselfsss!!!