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Finding your element in Wicca involves considering your astrological sign, each of which corresponds to one of the four elements, as well as analyzing your ...
This is a video just on my thoughts about Wicca and a few suggestions for reading material for those who are interested in it. Books I mentioned: The Complete Book of ...
How-To 3/3/2015
Wicca Covens by Judy Harrow
Description: Do you believe in magic? From black cats, to broomsticks, to pointed hats, people have long been fascinated by witches and wizards.* Gotham dives into ...
Film & Animation 7/16/2015
My open journal is a little series made from my personal journal and my personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I hope you all enjoy! Full Poem and meaning: This poem is about…
Mandi’s Facebook: Messengers Of Light Group: Mandi’s Website: Mandi’s Art: http ...
Trending 9/18/2013
Learn about the Wiccan Traditions from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.
★ A documentary by Britain's leading expert on the modern witchcraft religion of Wicca. He tells us about one of Wicca's most influential pioneers, Gerald B Gardner ...
Trending 9/18/2013
Learn what the Charge of the Goddess is from Wiccan High Priestess Phyllis Curott in this Howcast video.