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A deterrent to complete and fulfilling action exists. It is the fear of competition. The fear that you will not be as good as someone else—or even the fear of doing ...
Atychiphobia is the abnormal, unwarranted, and persistent fear of failure, a type of specific phobia. As with many phobias, atychiphobia often leads to a constricted ...
The fear of competition is a phobia that affects over 250,000 people in America. It is defined as fear of competition of any form. 5 months ago
In the juxtaposing of Herod and Jesus in the lectionary texts for this week, we see the fears of all the years meeting the Hope.
Northern support for slavery was most likely based on A. fear of competition for jobs. B. resentment of plantation owners. C. a desire to weaken the South.
Best Answer: Don't be so scared, so what of you lose! Give it your best anyway, you'll feel better if you do. ... Grow an overaggressive ego. Don't be ...
Some kids fear playing sports. ... While many young athletes flock to the courts or ball fields, some consider sports competition as dangerous and dreadful.
Competition. I won! No, I think we both lost. If you were to ask most people, they would say competition is a natural instinct. But they would be wrong.
If a company has monopoly power in a market, it means the company can do all of the following without fear of competition EXCEPT: A. reduce output