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Salting the turkey has the same effect as brining, without the mess. If you salt the turkey you move moisture out of the cells, a concentrated brine.
Recipes: Salted Roast Turkey with Herbs and Shallot-Dijon Gravy Golden Turkey Stock Salted Roast Turkey with Orange, Fall Spices, and Sherry Gravy Salted R
Turkey Brining Recipes and Tips The dos and don'ts of wet and dry brining, plus basic recipes, expert advice, and an overview of different types of salt
These days, everybody and their grandmother has heard of brining, and more and more folks are doing it at home before Turkey Day. But it's not all pie and gravy.
Why should you not want your butcher to brine your turkey? Well, brining, or soaking food (meat in particular) in a salt water solution, uses the power of osmosis to ...
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With dry-brining, you cannot over-salt if you follow ... In the wet vs dry brine brisket ... The inconvenience of wet brining a 20 lb turkey for three days can tip ...
Brining your Thanksgiving bird without a doubt results in juicier turkey compared to meat that wasn't pre-soaked in that salt water solution. However ...
Should this year’s Thanksgiving turkey be brined, injected, both, or neither? A lot of turkey comes to the table dry; workarounds are brining and injecting.
Here are my two favorite strategies for producing a perfect roast turkey: dry salting and wet-brining.