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A quick demonstration on how to stretch sprue! Please note: This is an EXPERT scratchbuilder and sprue stretcher demonstrating his skill!
Stretching sprue. Melt and stretch plastic sprue into useful scale modeling parts. Scale modelers often have to improvise to create parts that have gotten lost or ...
When making stretched Sprue I recommend doing so in a room that is ventilated by a very gentle draft - ideally adjacent to workbench- the byproduct of smoke or smuts ...
Also, have yourself a sprue-stretchin' session. When I light the candle to stretch some sprue, I wind up with some test pieces, and some odds and ends.
Have any of you found that a particular brand of kit's sprue stretches better or easier than others? Do you have a favorite brand that you always seem to use?
Stretched Sprue. - posted in Tips, Techniques, and Photography: I realy enjoy working with stretched sprue, one big bonus, its for free! This may be old news to many ...
1 Secrets of Stretched Sprue By Neal Izumi IPMS Hawaii Stretching sprue: modelers either love it or hate it. This technique is extremely useful for making all
We start by cutting lengths of the stretched sprue and adhering them onto the gap with liquid cement. In some severe cases we can use Cyanocrilate cement.