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All about famous inventors and inventions, with biographies and interviews with inventors. Learn how to turn your own ideas into inventions.
History and biographies of famous inventors with background information and patents on each invention - sp inventers
Famous Inventors. Help. Who invented windshield wipers? Who invented windshield wipers? Mary Anderson (1905). Anderson patented a rubber blade that would clear ...
A. Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Germany - Refrigerator; Vitaly Abalakov (1906–1986), Russia – camming devices, Abalakov thread (or V-thread) gearless ice climbing ...
Discover unexpected relationships between famous figures when you explore our famous inventors group.
Inventors may, for example, try to improve something by making it more effective, healthier, faster, more efficient, easier to use, serve more purposes, ...
Inventors and Inventions: A. Advertisement. ... Zoom Inventors and Inventions If the inventor or invention you're interested in isn't here, please e-mail us ...
The Famous American Inventors Web site recognizes the indomitable spirit of innovation that has shaped modern society in the United States.
The USPTO assists independent inventors, small business concerns, entrepreneurs and university affiliated inventors through its Office of Innovation Development.
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