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Atheistic examination of american law and politics.
The Raving Atheists is an online atheist community with personal blogs and a well packed forum. You don't have to be an atheist to be welcome here!
This site is a collection of raving atheist bloggers. Please have a look at the blogs here or sign up to get your own. If you already have a blog here, login.
Very well written and informative. As a former atheist myself when I first started blogging 8 years ago the former Raving Atheist would leave comments on my site.
Apparently he went from Raving Atheist to Raving Anti-Abortionist, and has ended up without engine or rudders somewhere down Religion Shit Creek with
No, I'm not going to start a comment war this time. I didn't tell them about this post and I'm not going to. But check out Raving Atheist's latest post ...
Great Escapes How the Raving Atheist Became the Raving Theist. I grew up in a largely secular area of Long Island. My mother was the daughter of a Protestant minister ...
The author of the blog The Raving Atheist, a militant atheist for years and cited in the film “The God that wasn’t there” by Brian Flemming, tells ilsussidiario ...
A New York atheist's blog,, has been getting some attention lately. The tagline is "An Atheistic Examination of the Culture of Belief: How Religious ...
This is rather old news, but The Raving Atheist is now The Raving Theist. He hasn’t gone into details about his conversion yet, but I think that’s ...