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Full Definition of CHIOLITE : a mineral Na5Al3F14 resembling cryolite in color and composition Yes, "irregardless" is a word. No, that doesn't mean you should use it ...
Chiolite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:c = 1:1.48322 : Cell Dimensions: a = 7.005, c = 10.39, Z = 2; V = 509.84 Den(Calc)= 3.01 : Crystal System:
Chiolite mineral data, information about Chiolite, its properties and worldwide locations.
Chiolite has been selected as a test case for developing a general approach to solve inorganic structures from powders by combining NMR, modeling, and X-ray dif
Fragment of transparent ice-like monograin of chiolite. When seeing on the specimen begin to understand, that name for chiolite(=snow-stone from Greek) was mixed up ...
(mineralogy) A tetragonal-ditetragonal dipyramidal mineral containing aluminum, fluorine, and sodium
Quantity Value Units Method Reference Comment; Δ f H° liquid-7497.44: kJ/mol: Review: Chase, 1998: Data last reviewed in December, 1979: Quantity Value Units Method
Chiolite has nothing much to offer in the way of a gem. It is very soft, has perfect cleavage, has no appealing colors, and is usually small and nondescript.
CHIOLITE TWINS, MOREFIELD MINE, \TRGINIA t0l3 the irregular curved faces of the second form. The elon-gation of typical twins indicates that the re-entrant
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