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Ca- and Bi-bearing variety of mottramite, typically with acicular habit. Discredited as a mineral species. Originally reported from Lousy Gulch, Payson area, Payson ...
General Duhamelite Information : Chemical Formula: Pb2Cu4Bi(VO4)4(OH)3•8(H2O) Composition: Molecular Weight = 1,532.47 gm Vanadium 13.30 % V 23.74 % V 2 O 5
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152 TABLE I. X-ray powder data for duhamelite Cr-K radiation, 114 mm camera S. A. WILLIAMS T A 13 L E I I. Chemical analysis of duhamelite
Acicular crystals of duhamelite. Associated minerals, not in the photograph, include, namibite, and brochanitite. FOV 1mm. I collected this specimen in 3-05.
ABSTRACT Reinvestigation of duhamelite, originally described as Cu4Pb2Bi(VO4)4 (OH)3 · 8H2O, has demonstrated that it is not a valid independent mineral species.
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Abstract: Found by J. E. DuHamel, at a prospect near Payson, Arizona, where it occurs with chrysocolla, malachite, rare fornacite, wulfenite, and bismutite.
Mottramite Beaverite. Comments: Specimen of quartz with a thick druse of green mottramite ... 08.BH.40 Duhamelite? Pb2Cu4Bi(VO4)4(OH)3•8(H2O) Unk Ortho :