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Glauconite, also known as 'green sand' is an iron potassium phyllosilicate (mica group) mineral of characteristic green color with very low weathering resistance and ...
Glauconite Image: Images: Glauconite. Comments: Green glauconite intermixed with quartz. Location: Ightham, Kent, England. Scale: See Photo.
Schneider, H. (1927) A study of glauconite. Journal of Geology: 35: 289-310. Hendricks, S.B. and Clarence S. Ross (1941), Chemical composition and genesis of ...
Glauconite : Texas Greensand (Glauconite): Texas greensand is an iron potassium, silicate that is green in color due to the minerals it contains.
Greensand or Green sand is either a sand or sandstone, ... Greensand glauconite is used as a water softener for its chemical-exchange properties.
glauconite, greenish ferric-iron silicate mineral with micaceous structure [(K, Na)(Fe 3+,Al, Mg) 2 (Si, Al) 4 O 10 (ΟH) 2], characteristically formed on submarine ...
Greensand is composed primarily of the mineral glauconite -- a potassium, iron, aluminum silicate. In some Delaware greensands, the glauconite content exceeds 90%.
GA was mixed up with other overlying deposits, such as carbonate rocks, sandstone, glauconite sandstone, and Quaternary sediments, and piled in waste heaps.
The term glauconite has been employed in two senses. It has been used most commonly as a morphological term for sand-sized greenish grains found in sedimentary
GLAUCONITE, a mineral, green in colour, and chemically a hydrous silicate of iron and potassium. It especially occurs in the green sands and muds which are gathering ...