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Halite commonly known as rock salt, is the mineral form of sodium chloride (Na Cl). Halite forms isometric crystals. The mineral is typically colorless or white, but ...
Halite, the natural form of salt, is a very common and well-known mineral. It is found in solid masses, and as a dissolved solution in the oceans and in salt lakes.
What is Halite? Halite is the mineral name for the substance that everyone knows as "salt". Its chemical name is sodium chloride and a rock composed primarily of ...
Halite (rock salt) mineral Click on image for full size Windows to the Universe/L.Gardiner
Hal­ite (named after the min­eral) is a C++ Bit­Tor­rent cli­ent based on the excel­lent lib­t­or­rent lib­rary from Ras­ter­bar Soft­ware.
Halite Group Natural Salt. Occurs both as evaporite deposits in saline lakes and water courses, or as bedded sedimentary deposits, or as salt domes.
Halite. Comments: Hoppered pink halite crystals from the evaporation ponds. The pink color is due to the organism Halo bacterium that lives in the concentrated brine.
Definition of HALITE: rock salt. See halite defined for kids » Is it "healthy" or "healthful"? Watch and find out! » First Known Use of HALITE. 1868
Halite, better known as rock salt, can easily be distinguished by its taste. Since taste is an important property of salt, there is a right way to taste a specimen of ...
noun 1. a soft white or colorless mineral, sodium chloride, NaCl, occurring in cubic crystals with perfect cleavage; rock salt.