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Isochalcopyrite Isocubanite. Comments: SEM image of an aggregate of idiomorphic grains of isocubanite (formerly known as isochalcopyrite) associated with minor pyrite.
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Polished section showing isocubanite (formerly isochalcopyrite) with exsolved chalcopyrite infilling and replacing cross-bedded turbiditic hydrothermally altered ...
Copper sulfide concentrates -- Determination of gold and silver contents ... copper, mainly in the form of chalcopyrite and related sulfide ... Keep up to date with ISO.
Use of the sulfide minerals pyrite and chalcopyrite as electrochemical sensors in non-aqueous solutions. The potentiometric titration of weak acids in alcohols
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In this study, the mechanism which underpins the different interactions of chalcopyrite, a primary copper sulfide mineral, and chalcocite, a secondary copper su
Isochalcopyrite E. Missack, P. Stoffers, A. El Goresy (1989) Mineralogy, parageneses, and phase relations ofcopper-iron sulfides in the Atlantis II Deep, Red Sea.
Isochalcopyrite Isoclasite Isolueshite Isomertieite Isovite Itoigawaite Itoite Iwakiite Iwashiroite-Y ... Parvomanganoedenite Parvomanganotremolite Parvowinchite ...
In this study, the effect of bentonite on the flotation of chalcopyrite ... (1998) found that unoxidized chalcopyrite had a pH iso-electric point at around 1.5.