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Kamacite is an alloy of iron and nickel, which is found on earth only in meteorites. The proportion iron:nickel is between 90:10 to 95:5; small quantities of other ...
Kamacite Carlsbergite. Comments: Polished section showing a small light gray elongated inclusion of carlsbergite in massive kamacite. Location: Kenton County ...
A nickel-rich variety of iron. The principle constituent of a typical octahedrite meteorite with about 92% iron and 7% nickel. Compare also <m>taenite</m>.
kamacite (ˈkæməˌsaɪt) n. 1. (Elements & Compounds) an alloy of iron and nickel, occurring in meteorites [C19: from (obsolete) German Kamacit, from Greek kamax ...
Kamacite may have Neumann bands--lines that are created when meteorites are shocked. Kamacite occurs as rims around troilite or schreibersite--swathing kamacite.
kamacite, mineral consisting of iron alloyed with 5–7 percent nickel by weight and found in almost all meteorite s which contain nickel-iron metal.
Kamacite and Taenite are the principal iron-nickel alloy minerals in iron meteorites. Taenite is the nickel-rich phase (mnemonic: Taenite contains "ni") with 30 to 70 ...
In octahedrites it is found in bands interleaving with kamacite forming Widmanstätten patterns, whereas in ataxites it is the dominant constituent.
(geology) A meteoritic mineral which consists chiefly of iron and nickel
Definition of KAMACITE: a mineral consisting of a nickel-iron alloy forming with taenite the mass of most meteoric iron . From celebutante to chortle: 10 fun mashup words