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Nordenskioldine Magnetite. Comments: Colorless to white bladed crystals of nordenskiöldine with black magnetite. Location: Pöhla-Tellerhäuser Gallery, Pöhla ...
Full Definition of NORDENSKIOLDINE : a mineral CaSn(BO3)2 consisting of a calcium tin borate Origin of NORDENSKIOLDINE Norwegian nordenskiöldin, from Baron Nils A.E ...
nordenskioldine [′nȯrd·ən‚shēl·dən] (mineralogy) CaSn(BO 3) 2 A colorless or sulfur-, lemon-, or wine-yellow, hexagonal mineral consisting of a borate of ...
Database of luminescent (fluorescent) minerals including emission spectra and activators
THE VIBRATIONAL SPECTRA OF NORDENSKIOLDINE 6J RFSLILTS AND DlscussloN For an isolated planar ion group Xq @.g., BOI-and COI) having trigonal symmetry, there are four
Caesar cipher Caesar cipher, is one of the simplest and most widely known encryption techniques. The transformation can be represented by aligning two alphabets, the ...
Colorless to white bladed crystals of nordenskiöldine with black magnetite. Pöhla-Tellerhäuser Gallery, Pöhla, Schwarzenberg District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany.
Name: NORDENSKIOLDINE; Specification: [1], structure type - dolomite; Formula: CaSn[BO 3] 2; Symmetry Class: trigonal; Space Group: R 3(-) Unit Cell Parameters:
Nordenskioldine: Effenberger H, Zemann J : Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Monatshefte 1986 (1986) 111-114: The detailed crystal structure of nordenskioeldine, CaSn(BO3)2
The Borate minerals are more complex in their structures than typical carbonates ... Nordenskioldine (Calcium Antimony Borate) Olshanskyite (Calcium Hydroborate)