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Nordenskioldine Magnetite. Comments: Colorless to white bladed crystals of nordenskiöldine with black magnetite. Location: Pöhla-Tellerhäuser Gallery, Pöhla ...
Definition of NORDENSKIOLDINE: a mineral CaSn(BO 3) 2 consisting of a calcium tin borate . It's not you, it's me: the oldest line in the book isn't actually that old.
Online mineral museum of mineral specimens: Nordenskioldine Mineral Gallery
Database of luminescent (fluorescent) minerals including emission spectra and activators
nordenskioldine [′nȯrd·ən‚shēl·dən] (mineralogy) CaSn(BO 3) 2 A colorless or sulfur-, lemon-, or wine-yellow, hexagonal mineral consisting of a borate of ...
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THE VIBRATIONAL SPECTRA OF NORDENSKIOLDINE 6J RFSLILTS AND DlscussloN For an isolated planar ion group Xq @.g., BOI-and COI) having trigonal symmetry, there are four
必应词典为您提供nordenskioldine的释义,n. 硼锡钙石; 网络释义: 硼钙锡矿; Web; Images; Videos; Maps; News; More; Bing. Rewards Sign in.
Nordenskiöldine mineral data, information about Nordenskiöldine, its properties and worldwide locations.