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Spurrite is a white, yellow or light blue mineral with monoclinic crystals. Its chemical formula is Ca 5 (Si O 4) 2 C O 3. Spurrite is generally formed in contact ...
Spurrite Bredigite. Comments: White veins of bredigite in massive gray spurrite (slabbed specimen). Location: Camphouse, Ardnamurchan, Argyll, Highland, Scotland.
Spurrite mineral data, information about Spurrite, its properties and worldwide locations.
Full Definition of SPURRITE : a mineral Ca5(SiO4)(CO3) consisting of a calcium silicate and carbonate and occurring in light gray granular masses 48 words to make in ...
Spurrite is also known as Strombolite, and is a crystal that encourages good humor and optimism. It has a comforting vibration, that helps you to deal with whatever ...
of scawtite and spurrite were calculated through thermodynamic cycles shown in Table 3. Calcium oxide readily absorbs H 2 O and CO 2 under ambient conditions, so its ...
(mineralogy) A granular mineral composed of a mixed silicate and carbonate of calcium
Spurrite was named by Fred Eugene Wright in 1908 after Josiah Edward Spurr ... Scawtite, Kilchoanite, Rankinite, Larnite, Foshagite, Wollastonite :
Formation of afwillite . It is suggested that afwillite forms in fractured veins of the mineral spurrite. Jennite, afwillite, oyelite and calcite are all minerals ...
The label says spurrite so I label it spurrite. Visually and hardness test says it was spurrite.