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I want to add docklets to rocketdock but don't know how to. Step by step would help and thanks for helping.
How To: Here you will find how to configure Objectdock and its many 'docklets'. Objectdock allows users to gain access to the most used applications with ease.
Notice how the dock is now glowing. This means that you have selected that dock. To add a docklet to the selected dock, click on the Docklets tab and then on the ...
Tom52 (February 23): Help newby at rocket dock I have down loaded the stack docklet How do I install it in rocket dock
You can add docklets to RocketDock by dropping them in the RocketDock Docklets folder located at: C:\Program Files\RocketDock\Docklets (default location)
Whenever i click "Add Docklet" it gives me some to choose from but they're not the ones i want. i want to add stuff like my photoshop and skype to my ...
Sorry For My Grammar I Know It's Bad This Happens, Won't Happen Again. But Anyways Today I'll Be Showing You How To Add Docklets For Rocketdock. This Is An ...
One of the features of ObjectDock is that you can add docklets, which are essentially mini-applications that reside on your docks. These docklets can tell you such ...
We can download add-ons ... Download the stacks docklet and extract the contents of the zip file to your Docklets folder. Then, go to Rocket Dock and ...
Basically rocketdock is one of those docks on a mac except for windows. This video shows you how to add a stack docklet to it to enhance the fun!!!!!