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Unzip that folder to RocketDock folder such that Rocketdock\SysStatsCOM.dll Rocketdock\Hook.dll Rocketdock\Docklets\SysStats is the directory structure. << 1 2 >>
First off you need to unzip to your *ObjectDock* folder - not your *docklets* folder. J P Comment ... I tried loading the system.ini from the old sysStats into the 2 ...
1. u need plug in sysstats from This ... \Program Files\RocketDock\Docklets\SysStats 3. reboot rocketdock n additem sysstats 4. icon ...
** SysStats is an OPen Source project hosted at SourceForge: ** A docklet for ObjectDock, RKLauncher and AveDesk that allows you to create interesting widgets with ...
SysStats is for different types of widgets and desklets and stuff on ObjectDock, and AveDesk. People use it on RocketDock, I'm just not sure where to extract the files.
install systats file in objectdock » Forum Post by zoopman » I am new ... Rightclick on the dock -> Add -> New SysStats Docklet and you get a blue '?' on the dock.
Listen I already downloaded SysStats and placed into my C:\Program Files\Stardock\ObjectDock\Docklets Folder. Inside the SysStat there are two folders configs ad icons.
SysStats configuration help. - posted in Sysstats: Im using SysStats with RocketDock. Can someone please point me to a document or set of instructions where it ...
SysStats 2.5.2 ?? Where to D/L » Forum Post by PoulanZ » Can anyone please give me a link to d/l SysStats
How do I download and install the Sysstats and CPU orb for Rocketdock? ... Unzip/extract the content to c:/ >program files >rocketdock>docklets